Tuesday, October 28, 2008


About me,
About my painting,

I've been painting for more than 30 years,
always in a personal and private manner,
but this year I decided to start showing my painting publicly.

I presented my work in Barcelona, Spain, during July and August 2008
with the title "losing symmetry".
Now I've moved to Los Angeles for painting and exhibiting my work;
I use mixed media with a majority of oil paint.
The type or style of my paintings is not easily defined,
but emotions are always important.
My work has features of various artistic movements.
Abstraction, Expressionism, Surrealism, Modernism, and current physical and mathematical concepts are all important influences.

In Los Angeles, my painting has more space, more resources and visible
solutions and I am working at different sizes than in the past.

In Los Angeles, California, USA, Earth . . .,
Laudelino Quintanal

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